Game 1 matchups

OK, it’s only Monday and Game 1 of the Finals isn’t until Thursday, plus Lakers coach Phil Jackson was as coy as ever about how his team might match up with the Orlando Magic. But here’s a good guess on how things might look for the opening game:

Center: The Lakers’ Andrew Bynum versus the Magic’s Dwight Howard.
Power forward: Pau Gasol vs. Rashard Lewis.
Small forward: Trevor Ariza vs. Hedo Turkoglu.
Shooting guard: Kobe Bryant vs. Courtney Lee.
Point guard: Derek Fisher vs. Rafer Alston.

I would give Howard the edge over Bynum, but the Lakers win the rest of the 1-on-1 matchups. Anyone have any other thoughts?

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  • Deesnuts

    I am a huge huge Fish fan, but you have to be honest about the way he’s played during this run. I don’t think he gets the edge against anyone right now.

    No doubt he still brings mental toughness and stability to his teammates, but his play has been awful.

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Personally, I’d give Hedo the edge over Trevor at small forward, though it’s a smaller edge than you’d think. Hedo has been on fire in the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Fish is indeed has edge physcially but not in terms of speed. Lakers must have a speedy defense on Magic to stop their inside-out three-point game. More Lakers have to foul Howard continuously in order to erase his post-up advantage.

    If Lakers can tackle these two issues and Lakers can have their “normal” offensive play, Lakers must win.

    Wholly speaking, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown have to step up to give some speedy defense on Alston for complete the perfect protective shield against Magic attack.

  • sam

    Point guard matchup goes to orlando as the Small forward matchup, not as much as other people think though. Courtney lee is not gonna play much against KOBe its gonna be pietrus. lee might play 15 minutes a game thats it