Tiger Woods on the NBA Finals

Tiger Woods is always spotted at Orlando Magic games, but he grew up a Lakers fan in Cypress. So whose his pick? He’s on the fence. Here’s what he said in his newsletter that just came out today:
“I’m really torn about the NBA finals,” Woods wrote. “I grew up a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan but have season tickets to Orlando Magic games. Hopefully, it will be a great series.”

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  • Jarsh

    Glad to see a fence-sitter has floor seats to the Finals.

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    I hope a savvy judge tells all these women they (a) cannot sue Tiger Woods because they have no common sense, no decency, and no morals… and (b) they cannot profit off their stupidity at the expense of Elin and 2 innocent children. PERIOD. As for this Rachel chick.. bleh. As my granny used to say: She looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet. One common denominator with all these gold diggers is their ignorance. They believed Tiger when he said he was in a marriage of convenience. Too funny – because that’s what ALL men say who cheat… then, like clockwork, they cry and boo hoo when their wife kicks them to the curb.. and say “but she was just SEX… that’s all.. I swear.”