Getting strong now

Interesting admission from Lakers power forward/center Pau Gasol today at media day. He said he had nothing left in the tank last spring. He was fatigued as the Lakers marched toward the NBA Finals. Whatever strength he had left, he used in reaching the fourth and final round of the longest playoff run of his career.

So, in the offseason, he decided it was time to hit the weights from the beginning to the end of the season. He lifted in the past, but never stuck to a regime. As the seasons progressed, he would usually drop the weights and stick to the basketball.

“I just tried to work with discipline and (do) steady work in the weight room throughout the year, so my body is ready to compete, especially at this stage,” Gasol said. “I think last year I fell a little short, especially down the stretch. This year, I just tried to stay strong and tried to stay toned to be able to be physical and be able to compete.”

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