Rambis declines Kings’ offer (second update)

Here’s the top few lines from a story today on ESPN.com: “The Sacramento Kings offered their coaching job to two candidates on an eventful Tuesday in the NBA, ultimately reaching an agreement with Paul Westphal after Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis turned the job down. League coaching sources told ESPN.com that the Kings made a formal offer to Rambis hours before the Lakers’ 108-104 loss to the Orlando Magic in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.”

UPDATE: Rambis confirmed the report today at practice, but declined further comment.

UPDATE: Rambis explained the situation in detail on the “Petros and Money Show” on Fox Sports Radio, saying, “I really did not want to focus on it (the Kings’ coaching situation). They put some sort of timetable there. I understand that they wanted to move forward in their coaching search, but really what it came down to was that they have a bunch of young players on their team. It’s a project team. As it stands right now, that team is — particularly in the Western Conference — is a ways away from winning.

“They have holes in their roster, and they certainly have to improve as a ballclub if they expect to win. And I was just looking to be involved with that team for a longer term than what the Sacramento Kings were looking for. I think that that’s basically what it came down to. I like the Kings organization, I like Geoff Petrie as a general manager. The Maloofs are good owners, but my vision and their vision just didn’t coincide, so I decided to turn their offer down and they moved in another direction.”

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  • I love Rambis and I would love to see him take over the head coach role when PJ’s contract expires next year; however, why wouldnt he take that Sac-town job? ANyways, I can appreciate his loyalty; however, I question his career direction. haha. I guess we could use a guy like that here in LA!

  • j

    VERY smart of Rambis. Why take the risk? They probably only wanted to give him a 2/3 maybe 4 year deal and he knew that that team will be hard to turn around. Especially since he might be the incumbent after Phil leaves… even if he isn’t I’m sure anything else will be a better opportunity.