One last dig

From Shaq’s Twitter, a not so subtle reminder about his “master of panic” comment on SVG

`Congrats to you to phil jackson. When the general doesn’t panic the troops don’t panic. You are the greatest now.’

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  • We miss u Shaq!

  • kenny96825

    Let’s let it go.

    No more stuff here relating to the Fat A$$. He just needs to go away.

    He was a Laker and I certainly appreciate his contributions in 2000-2001-2002, but that ship has sailed.

    I didn’t like his bashing of Jerry Buss, but I will tolerate it because it is a business and I might not have all the information.

    I didn’t like his narcissistic behavior, but I will tolerate it as many others who are gifted and talented as such have huge egos too.

    I didn’t appreciate the way he dealt with Kobe, but I am sure both are to blame. But the Big Fat lazy boy did want to claim leadership, so he takes the blame first.

    I however will never forget and forgive when the Lazy Fat A$$ talks $heeet about the Lakers fans and the great city of Los Angeles.

    So, please no more lazy wasted talent fat boy stuff… he needs to go away.

  • Anonymous

    there were a lot of bad calls that should have been called against the Lakers during game 4…