What a ride!

Well, the season is history. The Lakers won their championship and the party started in earnest today. Actually, the fellows looked a bit tired as they limped down the stairs from their chartered airplane after it landed at LAX this afternoon. The parade is Wednesday and then the team’s annual exit interviews between players and coaches. Can’t say when those will be, but I’m guessing they’ll take place later in the week. It’s a good chance to catch up with the players and coaches before they leave town for the offseason. I plan to have a blog item on every player, with comments and final statistics. So, check back.

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by for a peak this season. We started with only a handful of views and grew by leaps and bounds. We also had almost no comments to start the season, but we’ve had more and more as the playoffs heated up this spring. So, thanks again. We’ll keep everyone updated on all the offseason moves, including the draft, which will be held June 25. Free agency follows July 1.

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