Ariza’s agent: “Right now is the time to enjoy the championship instead of looking at the future”

Small forward Trevor Ariza’s agent David Lee said late Tuesday afternoon that he had not begun negotiations with the Lakers on a new contract for Ariza, but expected talks to commence over the weekend or early next week.

“Right now is the time to enjoy the championship instead of looking at the future,” said Lee, who also represents Lakers center Andrew Bynum. “I certainly have a good feeling about the Buss family and Mitch, but only time will tell. It’s their pocket, they’re the ones writing the check.”

Lee said that Ariza “bleeds purple and gold, there’s no doubt about that” when asked if it was his sense Ariza would like to remain with the Lakers.

When asked whether he though Ariza had boosted his market value with his successful season, and particularly with his outstanding postseason, Lee said:

“I think that’s probably a very, very fair statement. Maybe even an understatement.”

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  • Devon

    Signing Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza and Shannon Brown may come down to Kobe Bryant accepting less when the Lakers offer him an extension. If the team is like family, wouldn’t you at least do that? If the team, as is, has a chance to win multiple championships, wouldn’t you at the least do that? It’s not like Kobe is hurting for money, anyway. After all, he is tied as the second highest paid athlete in all of sports. Come on Kobe, show some “brotherly” love and do what’s right for the team, for the family and ultimately for you!