Late-night update

OK, maybe it’s not that late, but there’s lots of stuff going down at this hour, none of which I can properly pin down. For starters, it looks like Ron Artest has agreed to a contract with somebody (Cleveland perhaps?), based on a tweet on his Twitter feed. It also looks like Detroit has landed Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Boston and Cleveland are chasing hard after Rasheed Wallace. ESPN is reporting that the Lakers’ Trevor Ariza is on the verge of leaving the team, with an unnamed source saying the small forward is unhappy that the first round of talks hasn’t been fruitful. Umm, OK. We’ll check more on that one tomorrow. It’s been a very long day. Good night.

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  • Ron said on KHTK that he was “BS-ing” the fans on his Twitter.

  • Trant

    The mid level exception (which is the number I’ve heard so far) would put him at around the same salary as Sasha, Walton, and Morrison. And Bynum is receiving an average of $14 mil per year, so I can definitely see him wanting to hold out for more.

    Time to go back to the negotiating table, although it’s troubling to hear rumors of Ariza going to Cleveland for the same amount of money.