Artest, Brown sign contracts

Just got word that the Lakers signed Ron Artest and Shannon Brown to contracts tonight. Brown signed at 9:01 p.m., the first minute he could actually put his name to paper. His deal is worth $4.2 million over two seasons. About 40 minutes later, the Lakers signed Artest to a five-season, $33-million contract. Artest will wear uniform No. 37 in honor of the number of weeks that Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was No. 1 on the charts. No, really.

  • Joseph

    Wow, Ron Artest will give us the ennergy we need and Shannon Brown will help us greatly for next year. I have been a Laker fan since I was born. I feel we should make some bench moves. We should try to trade Luke Walton for more of a defensive player and scorer, He is being over paid. We should try to trade Jordan farmer he is hot and cold along with Sasha V because he did not show us anything but horrible shot selection and he settles for bad 3 point shots. We should also let Andrew go because he is overpaid and he will never be what we need; which is a seriuos defensive force in the middle. We can get almost anybody and pay them about 5 million dollars and do what he does

  • Swinton

    So basically you’re saying we should get rid of everybody he didnt average double figures last year. Andrew Bynum is the best young center the Lakers could possibly have right now. Mind you Kwame Brown used to start. He does have potential and the past 2 seasons when he was getting hot and doing what he was drafted to do he got hurt. People forget that he only played like what 3 regular season games before the playoffs. He still wasnt 100% and it was his first extended playoff run. He’s going to be 22 when the season starts and has shown that he’s already a 12, 10, and 2 guy for a championship team and is only going to get better. As for the rest, Luke is the most unappreciated Laker ever because he’s not flashy people think he doesnt do anything. But he is the glue to the team, hes like a coach on the floor since he knows the system better than anyone besides Kobe and Fisher, and he does whatever they ask him too. Ariza couldnt fill Luke’s role as the glue guy off the bench. Sure we could use an upgrade on Farmar and Sasha but show me where they are and how we could get them ?

  • Sonu

    Andrew Bynum is a long term investment, every time he starts playing well, he gets hurt. So, I don’t know how dependent he can be for the future, but looking at the Lakers in the present. They can definitely get a strong center for Bynum. He’s too soft and still looks like a kid to me. He needs to man up if he wants to stay in the NBA. Luke is a coach on the court, he can create plays for others, but he cannot create plays for himself. His scoring and defense are below average. Sasha and Jordan should be given a few months of the season to see if they can get consistent again, i think they deserve that much. Sasha is a good shooter, he jus needs to play with a lil more confidence and not force shots. Jordan seems like he got discouraged of Shanon Browns presence because his game declined when Brown started to play well. I’m sure he’ll bounce back. He gives the lakers a new type of fast paced game that can play off.

  • Lenny

    To be fair, Bynum’s last injury was not a dependability issue, it was a Kobe Bryant chop block that did him in.

    Totally a freak accident.

  • Mati

    To be fair, Kwame Brown sucks. LAKERS, BABY!

  • David

    I think, and I have seen many Laker teams over the years win with less talent than this team has right now. Bynum is getting there as a defensive presence, but I felt he could have done better going to college and learning a structured system, but he went to the pro game and now has to mature the hard way. Farmar needed more time in the UCLA program where Holland could have taught him more.

    Sasha is a protypical Euro player, in that he will take the 3 in favor af any other shot. Artest is a good signing given the loss of Ariza, who I think needs more experience before demanding superstar money. Brown was a good keeper given his performance in the playoffs, and people need to understand this about the Lakers…. They are a great team with success under their wings. In short you can tweak the motor but don’t wreck it.

  • superlaker24

    The Lakers are cheap.