Artest meets the media

Ron Artest held his introductory press conference today. Among the highlights:

He started by asking with a laugh, “Where’s TMZ?”

He put his arm around Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and said, “Once again, I’m underpaid.”

He also said, “At the end of the day, if you can’t live on $33 million, you can’t live.”

Asked about attending Finals games at Staples Center, he said, “I was there as a star. I had my shades on. I had to get my L.A. on. I love L.A. I love the bright lights.”

Asked about maturing, he said, “”I was a bad teammate when I was in Indiana. Over the last couple of years I learned how to be a good teammate. That was more important than my game, learning how to be a good teammate. I think that year off when I got suspended (2004-05), I was able to reflect and see how I didn’t want my career to end.”

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  • j

    Man dude has a screw loose, but it seems like he is trying to tighten it! Hopefully phil and robe can help with that.