Jordan Farmar tearing up the World Series of Poker


Jordan Farmar says he’s a beginner at poker. Which means he’s great at bluffing, or a really, really quick study. The Lakers point guard, was invited to the event by, has made it to the serious part of the tournament along with established pros like Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth and Joseph Hachem.

29616-Main Event_Day 2B_IJG_6287_IMPDI-1.jpg

He’s currently in 69th place with 110,000 chips. Nearly half of the more than 5,000 players have been eliminated.

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  • Steve H

    Goodluck Jordan with poker ! Hope to see you at commerce and I hope you get a contract with the big lake show next season! Always remember your belief and your background it will always give you blessing in life,take care and G-d bless!!

  • Blue Bruin

    I guess Jordan can spend the offseason however he wants, but if it were me, I’d probably be in the gym working my tail off so Shannon Brown doesn’t permanently unseat me as Fisher’s back up. And isn’t this a contract year for Jordan? Just sayin’.

  • cathy

    gooodluck to you jordan ! hahah , i hope you have lots of fun & go kinda far šŸ™‚ its cool to see you enjoying yourself this summer , but i know that you won’t forget about working out either ! hope next year’ll be a great year for you & good luck with everything ! <33

  • RickOshay

    Hey Jordan, congrats! I think(?) you got a little bit farther than Dr.Busch for a beginner. I always wanted the Lakers to be represented in the WPT. Good Luck!