Kobe speaks to Lamar

Kobe Bryant was asked earlier this week on ESPN radio: Have you called Lamar Odom? What do you say to teammates who are going through free agency?

Said Bryant: “I have. How I handle this situation is, I communicate to them how much I care for them; our team in particular has grown extremely close, so we all have a very close bond. First and foremost, I wanna look out for them as a person, so it’s always important to me that they do what’s best for them and their family. At the same time, it’s important that they know how much I want them back, and how much I enjoy playing with them. And, I would love for us to come back and give another shot at this thing, but it’s very important for me that they do what’s right for them and what’s right for their family as well.”

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  • This interview was not conducted today — I believe it was conducted Tuesday.

  • Edward Lee

    Why doesn’t you just give up $1-m of your money and give them to lamar so he would stay with us for some more years.

    A few million bucks a year is peanuts for Kobe, what with his salary and his endorsements.

    I really am proud of Artest, who wants to be Laker for a long time, and doesnt care about the money.

    If you can’t live with $33-m , you cannot live.

  • Glenda Jones

    Kobe should give lamar odom 1 million a year for five years, to make up what odom wants. That’s what Magic did back in the days. Make it happen.