What’s next for Odom?

We know two teams are bidding for the services of Lamar Odom, the Lakers and the Miami Heat. What we don’t know, as of this morning, is which team has the best shot at signing Odom. My guess is that he will spend the weekend deciding whether to take the Lakers’ offer of either $30 million over three years or $36 million over four or the Heat’s offer of the full mid-level exception ($34 million or so over five years). There’s no third option as far as I know. Portland isn’t in the picture at present, although the Trail Blazers could jump into the fray after losing out on signing Hedo Turkoglu and Paul Millsap. Dallas apparently isn’t in the mix despite Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s expressed interest in Odom. So, it’s an either or situation for Odom, who must decide between the Lakers and Heat.

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  • Anonymous

    Well Lamar the lakers pulled their offer now is time for the Heat and Pat Riley to pull theirs.For some strange reason he keeps holding out in hopes of Portland giving him his 10 million news flash THEY DON”T WANT YOU!!!!! I understand it’s a blow to your ego that they would wanna sign Turkoglu to 10 million and not you but just alil advise from me GET OVER IT, before you find yourself in a Latrell Spreewell situation.