And now back to the Odom watch

When I left town on Wednesday I had a strong feeling the Odom situation would be resolved by the time I got back Saturday afternoon. Just a feeling.

Much like the first few rounds of the Lakers playoff run, I no longer will be having any hunches, predictions or feelings about the L.O. situation until it’s finally settled.

Mostly this process has been like listening to an endless loop of “nature sounds and crickets” on one of those noise machines that help you sleep, interrupted by flurries of activity at unpredictable moments.

Saturday’s main developments included a pitch from Miami frontman Dwyane Wade via his Twitter feed which (unlike the bogus Kobe Bryant twitters that have caused some buzz this week, is actually a verified account): “This is for Lamar Odom…come back to where it started for the both of us..the franchise u help build back up wants u to End it all here.”

That preceded by a couple of hours a report from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski that Odom was “leaning strongly toward accepting” the Heat’s five-year, $34 million offer and leaving the Lakers.

Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel (Fla.) has a nice breakdown of the situation from a South Florida perspective, but doesn’t go out on as long of a limb as Woj.

At this stage in the search though, everyone would be better off hiring `The Mentalist’ or bringing Gil Grissom out of retirement to figure out how this is all going to turn out. Theories and facts change from day to day.

Will Dwyane Wade’s pleas work?

Does Odom just want to feel wanted?

Does the fact that Heat president Pat Riley was heading for Los Angeles mean anything? Or was Riley just heading home?

Odom mentioned during the Finals that he likes humidity… does that mean he likes South Florida better than L.A.?

As you can tell, this whole saga has been dragged out so long even us sportswriters are at a loss for words.

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  • Frankie

    Hey Lamar, hope this gets back to you. . . . . .remember who traded for who?? didn’t the Heat traded you to the Lakers who specifically wanted “you”. . . . . , tell me if you think Miami really wants you or maybe 2 to 3 years from now trades you to a non-contender team(so they can get someone who is a star – think very hard about that coz mark my word that will happen again.) when you start to under perform, . . . . . . who put up with all your inconsistancy never traded you when even after big name players like Shaun Marion, Ron Artest, Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’Neal came up. . . . . . .to me that is LOYALTY, and where is your loyalty now???? Do you want to go to a team that treated you like fresh meat trading you when something that seemed better came along?, the Lakers treated you will class gave you a real home to be proud of and you are thinking of signing with a team that didn’t even blink or hesitated when an old egoistic star was offered.

  • David

    Read Frankie’s words again. Lamar, no one on planet Earth can understand your perspective. What exactly do you believe the Lakers owe you? Maybe you want Magic’s deal – part ownership. Jerry Buss will shell out $20MM/year to pay you $10MM to try to keep this team together in spite of the tax. Pat Riley will shell out $6MM. And Riley’s the good guy?

  • Ace

    I wanna start by saying that there is no LOYALTY in sports anymore.I still remember clearly hearing Odom saying he will take less money to stay with the Lakers, can anyone refresh that. Here goes another wishy washy player who’s just in it for the money. I thought he was better than that. Regardless of wat happens, we’re still the champs nd until someone takes us out. (with or without Lamar). If Odom goes to miami I will respect that because I know how hard it is to live in Cali. Taxes R big Issue here, why they’re so bad that I’m leaving the state Myself for business reasons. I hope that Lamar is goin for that reason and not because he wants to feel wanted somewhere. I bet wen we mail him his championship RRRRING, he’ll really feel wanted then. Look I’m a diehard Lakers fan and come from a city so spoiled with championship that make u forget the bad times.For every loss there’s a gain. we loose Odom and we gain some cap relief. He is a very slow learner anyways. We all no that he gave up the peace pipe, so I don’t no where he’s getting all this creativity. Wake up Lamar smell somethin other than $$$$ signs and Chronic. The taste of champagne should still be fresh on ur taste buds huh Lamar. U no we will not let u go that easy without getting a sign and trade deal. We will give u more money than u can handle and then trade u for Beasley, How does that sit on ur taste buds. Hope u make the right descision for u and ur family. Laker love always, 2010 here we come.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to mia

  • Anonymous

    See yah Lamar. Don’t let the Hollywood sign hit you in the tail on your way out. Go eat your candy and hang out in Miami theres plenty of Fruit Roll-Ups there if you know what I mean.