• ladylakerfan

    Mixed Emotions when it comes to this whole LO situation. One minute I feel really frustrated with this whole process because as a fan I took everything LO said this season to heart like “he wants to be here” “He love’s playing in LA” but now we are here and he has not signed yet. Then we hear he is seriously leaning toward Miami. So yes as a fan you get upset and you irrationally start to think, “just leave if you don’t want to be here”. Though I realize he should have this time to really weigh his options. I also how much he means to me as a fan, this city, this team, and our repeat hopes. I really would love to see LO back in a Laker uniform and am baffled by the whole ordeal. I had no idea it would be like this when FA started. To know 09/10 season could come w/no Ariza or Odom. Heart Broken.

  • akropach

    I’m tired of this dude. If you don’t want to be here than leave. You’re going to be the one who misses out on another championship. Even LO knows that being in LA and having the fans pull for you is second to no other. STOP BEING SO GREEDY. How much money do you need to live? I would love to have LO back but everyday this thing lingers I start to hate him even more.

  • John Downing

    Thanks Ramona,

    I’m not overly concerned about LO leaving. My biggest concern is about Andrews ability to rebound from two serious injuries and his immature attitude. The Lakers will be okay if Andrew does his job effectively and stays out of foul trouble. This will give Pau more time at PF where he belongs. Ron-Ron will help out considerably with strong defense and timely scoring. I also like the coaches considering playing Shannon and Jordan together as a quick back court duo when needed. The bench will be okay with the rotation except for Sasha. He is a major disapointment with his helter-skelter play without considering his shooting problems. I’m also confident that Mitch will find adequate players if need be.

  • JSLuvsTheLakers

    I agree with ladylakerfan in many respects. This process doesn’t change my mind that LO is an important asset, but I don’t believe repeating relies on him. We love our LO here in LA and he should know that. I want to see some resolution one-way-or-another as soon as possible. We WANT him but we don’t NEED him, and no matter what he will always be loved for his contributions last season. I’m happy that Buss is playing the game the way he is, nice to have an owner that will pony up the dough and still stick to his guns when he is being played with.