A winning offseason?

So, did Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak make the right move by signing Ron Artest to replace the departed Trevor Ariza and did Kupchak also get it right by re-signing Lamar Odom when it looked as if he might bolt? Shannon Brown is back, too. The Lakers have all but Ariza and Sun Yue back on the roster from the 2008-09 championship team, which begs the question: Was the offseason a success? Or will swapping Artest for Ariza come back to haunt the Lakers? How good will the Lakers be next season? Can they win a title again?

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  • Yes of course! We have all the depth we need– we strengthen ourselves against the type of small forwards our contenders have..

    i can’t really think of anything feasible that could’ve swung more logically in the laker’s direction other than something in-ostensible something wild like jerry stackhouse signing for the vet min to join us..

  • Anonymous

    I here some peoples comment on the Artest,Ariza swap,but Artest is the better player. He is a better shooter, defender and the bad shot he took last year the lakers won’t let him take this year. He will confoam to the system.

  • Anonymous

    It was a mediocre off season. Giving up Ariza and gaining Artest is a loss and keeping Odom is a toss up. I hope I am surprised by the play and contributions of Artest and Odom gets it together again for the playoffs.