Report: Odom and Kardashian to Marry

OK, I find this to be very hard to believe, and the first calls I’ve made on this are coming back with scoffs and “I don’t know anything about this” reactions, but I felt like I should put it out there since it’s coming from a source that is above tabloid status…

According to E! Online, Lakers forward Lamar Odom and his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian are planning to get married.

Yikes, that was fast.

Here’s some of the article:

A source close to the couple tells E! that Odom, a forward for the L.A. Lakers, and Khlo recently have been “talking about rings.”

Members of the Kardashian family are neither confirming nor denying the wedding plans or a date. A rep for both stars have declined to comment.

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  • Just an Observer

    Well WOW is right! Yikes too. I can see the great publicity promotion for both of them angle and they both appear to love the glittering nightlife and club scene. Can that keep them together forever or even until New Years? Stay tuned.

    As a newly wed, Ramona, you must be wondering about the stunning sudden decision when there are kids involved.
    As charming as Lamar seems to be, it would be quite a leap to fall in with the Kardashian family forever after a day, so to speak. It seems like a pretty fast and public lifestyle to me but maybe I am just naive and conservative. It only works for so long, I would think.

  • Magman21

    Get a prenup Lamar…this no talent bimbo wants to hook your $$$