I went to media day today expecting the circus to be in town, with TMZ trucks and paparazzi hiding in the bushes outside of the Lakers training facility in El Segundo. While there were a few, shall we say, non-traditional media outlets asking some of the guys what kind of food was served at Lamar’s wedding, it was a mostly calm day. Calm by Lakers standards that is.

Two years ago, there was real drama as everyone waited to see if Kobe Bryant –who had blown a gasket over the summer –would actually show up to training camp.

Last season, there was all the talk about avenging the loss to the Celtics.

You know, real basketball issues. Now that the Lakers won the title, and things on the court are pretty well set, there really wasn’t much angst in the room.

I was joking with Luke Walton about it, who is always a good guy to joke with about stuff like that, and he was like, “I mean, I can start something if you want. Who do you want me to call out? Josh Powell. Man, I can’t stand Josh. He’s so selfish. I hate Josh. Is that good?

“Nah, but seriously, this is what makes our team so fun. We all get along, we have a great time and we’re looking forward to do it again.”

But Luke, what about all of us scribes bored with the Laker love-fest?

“We’ll figure something out,” he joked. “We’ll talk about it in the locker room and figure something real good out. By the end of training camp, we’ll have something good for you guys.