Cuban talks about Artest

Love him or loathe him, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban always has something interesting to say. Here he is talking to a Dallas radio reporter about the Lakers’ signing of Ron Artest: “I tell you what, now that they’ve got Ron Artest, I couldn’t think of anything better (for the rest of the league). If you would have said, what one player — and I’ll get killed over this — what one player would you like to see on the Lakers? Ron Artest.

“Could you imagine? Ron Artest has got the ball, and Kobe’s standing there, ‘Throw me the ball.’ Thank you, Ron Artest. I think he’ll add some character to that team. Whether it will be positive or negative will be interesting to see.”

The Lakers play host to the Mavericks on Oct. 30 at Staples Center.

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