Q-and-A with Andrew Bynum

Center Andrew Bynum looked back and also ahead during an interview today after practice. He spoke about his goals for the upcoming season, including making the All-Star team and helping the Lakers win a second consecutive NBA championship.

On the benefits of his offseason workout routine: “I think I’m a little bit lighter, so that’s helped. We just did a lot more leg stuff, so my legs are much stronger now, and I’m able to run…. I did very well (in Saturday’s scrimmage). It was fun.”

On training camp so far: “This training camp is definitely a veteran-style training camp. Everybody’s ready to go. Everybody’s in their grove already. … It’s very natural for me. I’m feeling very good.”

On playing in the first year of his new contract: “(There’s) no pressure now in the sense that I can just go out there and give my effort. If anything it relieves the pressure. I don’t have to worry about anything, just come here and play basketball. Work hard, play basketball and that’s it. I feel good. I’ve got my timing back. I’m catching lobs again. I’ve got my legs back under me. I’ve been getting (good) low position.”

On playing with a knee brace: “I have to stick with my brace for the rest of my career. It’s a must. That’s what the doctor said. The ligament is healed but it’s still loose.”

On his expectations for the upcoming season: “I expect to be out there at the end of the game. I expect to earn that. I expect to be able to block shots and put the ball in the basket. My biggest goal this season is to be part of the All-Star team. That’s my big, personal goal. My team goal is to play defense and help to win another championship. My expectations have always been the same. For me, it’s more a mental state. I have the tools. I’m able to do it. I just have to keep my mind sharp.”

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