What are the odds?

LAS VEGAS — The sports book at the venerable Las Vegas Hilton hotel recently posted win totals for all 30 NBA teams, with the Lakers leading the way with 62. The Cleveland Cavaliers were next with 61 1/2 (yeah, yeah, you can’t win a half-game; it’s used for overs and unders purposes). The Orlango Magic had 57 1/2 and the Boston Celtics had 56 1/2, followed by the San Antonio Spurs 54 1/2 and the Denver Nuggets 52 1/2.

The totals seem a little low at the top end, what with all the talk about the Lakers capable of chasing the Chicago Bulls’ league record of 72 set in 1995-96. Then again, I’m not a gambler so don’t listen to me. Take your money and stick in a bank. Oh, wait. Never mind. Buy gold. They tell me that’s a good investment!

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