Bench Mob bummer

The Lakers’ substitutes, aka the Bench Mob, got outhustled and outscored in the season-opening victory Tuesday over the Clippers. Are they worried? A little bit, judging by comments made today at practice by Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic.

“Obviously, we want to play more,” Walton said. “Obviously, we want to play better. We played like trash in the second quarter. Sometimes things just don’t work out for you. It was a perfect storm (on) opening night.

“I know the guys on the bench are upset with the situation. The coaches are probably upset with us. But it’s one game. We have 81 more. We’ve proven over the last few years that we have a pretty reliable bench.”

Said Vujacic: “There are big expectations from our bench. “We have the best bench in the NBA, and there’s no secret about it, we want to play up to that level. We all want to play a lot of minutes. First night was tough on a lot of guys, but we’re not giving up. We’ve got to stick together. … It was one of those nights. We have 81 games to go.”

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