Sasha dating Sharapova?

OKLAHOMA CITY — Is it true? Sasha Vujacic would neither confirm nor deny reports that he is dating tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. He said he liked tennis, then he directed a handful of reporters to “Go ask Lamar about his personal life. I’m sure he wants to talk about it.” Lamar Odom married reality television star Khloe Kardashian a few days before training camp opened in late September. Odom has revealed little about their wedding.

So, is the Machine dating Maria? The Machine wouldn’t say for sure.

When told Sharapova “is very nice,” Vujacic said, “I know.”

When told Sharapova “is very smart,” he responded, “I know.”

Moments earlier, Lakers public relations czar John Black busted Vujacic’s chops for keeping his relationship a secret from him. “I thought you were my guy,” Black said, laughing as Vujacic smiled and turned a darker shade of crimson.