Kareem sticking with Lakers

This probably isn’t a big surprise, but after announcing in a series of interviews Tuesday that he has leukemia, which was a shock, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told NBA TV he would probably continue in his role with the Lakers as a special assistant to Jackson.

The Memphis Grizzlies received permission recently to interview Abdul-Jabbar and reportedly were quite serious about having him join their coaching staff. The Grizzlies wanted him to help tutor their big men the way he has been working with Andrew Bynum.

“I’m not really going to try and change my situation at this point,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “I’m still with the Lakers and I’m probably going to stay there because that’s the best situation for me. I had to alter things a little, but it’s a great situation in Los Angeles.

“They’ve got a great chance at repeating.”

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