Kareem’s return

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar visited Staples Center tonight for the first time since announcing last week that he had a treatable form of leukemia. He said he planned to continue in his role as a Lakers special assistant coach and looked forward to tutoring Andrew Bynum. He also said the response from basketball fans everywhere was overwhelming. He also said:

“It’s been quite an experience, all the attention. I didn’t expect it to play out that way. The fans and the general public have been incredible in their support. I got people’s prayers and support. They asked what they could do. It’s really been a great opportunity to re-connect with people, and I’m very glad that I did it. People have come up to me everywhere, in the supermarket, in the airport, when I’m stopped at a red light. People have given me hand signals. It’s incredible. It’s really been great. Not the usual L.A. signs when you’re at the red light too long. It’s been extraordinary. I don’t know what to do more so than I have done. People just want to connect. It’s been beautiful.”

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