Rockets 101, Lakers 91

So, what troubled you the most about the Lakers’ second consecutive loss? The fact that they shot 33.3 percent in the second half? The fact that they were outrebounded by a whopping 60-38 by game’s end? The fact that Andrew Bynum got only three shots in the second half and 12 for the game? The fact that Kobe Bryant tried to play through a groin strain and scored 18 points on 5-for-20 shooting? The fact that Houston’s David Andersen went unguarded for most of the game and scored 19 points? The fact that the Rockets’ Aaron Brooks scored a career-high 33 points? Or was there something else?

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  • How about all of that and the fact that stopping the bleeding is going to be a major priority. This is the first losing streak of the season, and Phil Jackson wouldn’t want this water leak to turn into a flood.

  • Rich K

    The desire to win wasn’t there. They were beat on the boards and to the loose balls. There was very little penetration, and with Kobe having an off night their safety net wasn’t there.