Fisher’s analysis

Derek Fisher offered a series of pretty honest opinions about the Lakers after Monday’s practice. Forgive me for not posting it sooner. Sometimes I get sidetracked. Anyway, here’s all of what Fisher had to say earlier this week:

“We’re not really that concerned about guys making shots, ultimately. But we’re concerned about the lack of execution that comes if a pass is kicked out of a double team or just coming down and not really seeming like we’re that into our the offensive set or any kind of a flow. The coaches and players are confident we will make shots. We’re just kind of locked into throwing the ball down to Kobe (Bryant) or throwing the ball to Andrew (Bynum). Even though those guys have success at times, there’s been an in-and-out flow for everybody else. Ron (Artest) has had some moments, then hasn’t. I’ve had some moments, haven’t. Sasha has hit some shots, then sometimes he hasn’t. That’s kind of gone all the way around the whole team.

“As we improve our execution, I think you’ll find we’ll have six, seven, eight guys playing in the flow, (with the) ball moving well. Guys aren’t necessarily getting a lot of shots, but they will be of a higher quality. Everybody will feel involved and you’ll see more of a team game. So far, the Phoenix game was the closest we’ve come to that this season. Even in that game we had some stretches were we were too focused on throwing the ball into guys (in the post). The ball has to move for us to be successful.

“We don’t like it (losing). We definitely didn’t go to any parties, but we’re keeping it in perspective. We understand where we are in the season and we understand for us to achieve our goals we’re going to have to get better. Sometimes, in order to get better, you have to suffer through some things. some ups and downs. That’s where the emotion comes from when you finally do win it, because you remember games like (Sunday) or at Denver or at home against Dallas. You remember those specific nights when you pop the champagne in June.

“It’s all a part of getting better and growing. We understand that, but at the same time it’s something we don’t plan on doing again. If we can only lose three games the rest of the year, we’d be fine with that. We know that’s not going to happen. The better teams learn from games like that (losses against Houston and Denver). … We’ll just figure it out and keep playing. The great thing about this business is you have another game Tuesday, another game Thursday, another game Sunday. You just keep figuring it out.

“Right now, we’re not even close (to playing at a high level), but because we’re so talented we find ways to win games. But we could easily be 6-4 or whatever. We’ve had a couple of overtime games. We have a long way to go and we understand that and we’re going to, hopefully, get healthy. We’ll get Pau (Gasol) back in there and that will help a lot.”

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