Bench woes

Lakers coach Phil Jackson wasn’t pleased by the play of the Bench Mob during Tuesday’s victory over the New York Knicks. Here’s what he had to say about the ongoing battle to get more out of the second unit: “Right now they’re just filling minutes for guys who are getting a rest on the bench. We have to do better than that. … I think they’ve done OK in the middle part of the game. I think (Tuesday) night, there just didn’t seem to be leadership from the right sources out there.” New York’s backups outscored the Mob, 41-9.

  • Rich K

    I really feel that Jordan Farmar’s contributions are suspect. He has no consistancy in his shot, his defense lacks any sort of effect, and his passing is terrible. Sasha has lost his shot consistency as well as confidence. He tends to shoot tentatively, and his defense hasn’t gotten beyond frenetic. DJ although he didn’t get in last night, has shown some good defensive flashes, but his need to score seems to overshadow his pluses. Josh Powell gets very little playing time as well as Morrison so you really can’t comment on them.

    The only positive player off the bench is Shannon Brown. He plays with urgency and unfortunately relegated to shooting threes, unless they see him cut to the rim. As a unit they are a dramatic dropoff than last year when the combination of Odom and Trevor seemed to keep them at neutral until the first team came back. I think it really comes down to defense and Sasha, Jordan, Morrison, just don’t play good defense.

  • tron

    BENCH BLOB!!!!!

    There are other players in the league that would love your job!
    And do it better for less money.

    WAKE UP!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trade vujavic!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lakers can get a good deal by putting morrison, vujavic and walton on the trading block. Marc Gasol? Yeah! Marc will do nicely!


    lakers need a better bench mob to help KOBE pull thru the regular season at a controlled pace coz he might overwork himself and suffer more injuries like what happen to KG of the celtics last season