Artest drank at halftime while with Chicago

Ron Artest revealed in an interview with The Sporting News that he drank alcohol while with the Chicago Bulls from 1999 to 2002. “I used to drink Hennessy … at halftime,” Artest said in an interview with the magazine that will hit the newsstands Dec. 7. “I (kept it) in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store (near the United Center) and get it.”

“I used to drink every night and party every night,” he continued in an excerpt of the story released today. “The first team, in Chicago, I was a head case. I worked really hard but still had this ghetto thing in me that I could not get out.”

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  • tonyF

    Ron Artest is an honest man, unafraid to confront and grow his life. His honesty and hard work is role model gold