The official diagnosis is: Pau has a “bruised eyeball” and Kobe is still great

Short practice today before the Lakers hosted their annual holiday party for some kids from the Boys and Girls Club. The talk of the day was still on Kobe Bryant’s ridiculous game-winning shot from Friday night and the status of Pau Gasol’s twice-poked eye.

Pau said it was uncomfortable but that he’d be fine to play in Sunday’s game against Phoenix. He said he was using a lot of drops and had taken some antibiotics to prevent infection but did not have blurry vision. Phil Jackson’s official diagnosis, “It’s probably just a bruised eyeball.”

As for Mr. Bryant, the respect for his game-winning-shot-making abilities never seems to dim amongst his teammates, though some of them admit to being a little spoiled.

“You expect it, which is unfair but that’s how he likes it,” Lamar Odom said. “You’ve seen him hit so many, and he’s so good, that he spoils you.”

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