Charge or block

Let the debate rage. Or not. Whatever. But there were differing opinions on whether Kobe Bryant charged into Andrew Bogut to draw a foul after making a short shot late in overtime. Or did the referees get the call right? Bryant thought Marc Davis made the right call by whistling Bogut for a foul. Bogut was sure Davis got the call wrong, although he declined to come out and say so for the record. He did tell the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “If I gave you my honest opinion, I’d probably get fined. Let’s just leave it at that. History tells you that if I tell you the truth, I’ll get fined.”

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  • Anonymous

    During the finals last year, dwight blocked a laker shot by poking the ball out from under the rim. No call for goal tending. Erroneous officiating is part of the game. Sometimes its against you, sometimes your lucky. We were lucky this time. Go Lakers!!! Lakers for life!!! Please trade Shasha!!! He’s a brick!!!