Contract extension for Gasol?

Here are the key paragraphs in a story posted on the Web site Hoopsworld:

“A well-placed source has told HOOPSWORLD that Gasol and the Lakers are nearing a three-year contract extension.

“Currently Gasol’s deal is set to expire after next season. He’s currently earning $16.5 million for the current campaign and $17.8 million for the next.

“The additional three years would be the maximum permitted under the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

“While it’s not clear what dollar figures are being discussed, Gasol would be eligible for $18.7-$19.7 million in the first year of the extension depending on where the salary cap falls that year.

“Of course the CBA still needs to be renegotiated, which could have an impact on the numbers.”

The Lakers declined to comment.

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  • john downing


    I look forward each day to read your articles about my favorite team. Today, however, I was stunned to read this John Bruno rant on Laker Insider. Is this some kind of placement error or what?

    Please remove this article from Laker Insider and place it in file 13.