Gasol press conference

Here’s some of what Pau Gasol had to say after signing a three-year, $57-million contract extension today: “It’s a beautiful thing. … It gives me tremendous peace of mind. … We both compromised in this deal, and we’re both happy about it. Hopefully, a lot of great things will continue to come.”

Here’s some of what GM Mitch Kupchak said about trying to sign Kobe Bryant to a three-year extension: “We’ve continued to have a dialogue with Kobe and his representative. … I do anticipate further discussions. … I’ve always felt Kobe began his career here in Los Angeles and he should and will end his career in Los Angeles.

Speaking more generally, Kupchak also said, “You can’t predict what the economy will (have) in store for anybody, but being able to know the core of our team will be together is most important for our fan base. …

“We’re trying to send a message … that we want to keep this team together for as long as possible, so we can continue to pursue what Los Angeles wants us to continue to pursue, which is championships.”

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