Inside the locker room (1/13)

DALLAS — Here are some of the best and brightest postgame comments after the Lakers beat the Dallas Mavericks, 100-95, tonight for the franchise’s 3,000th victory:

Coach Phil Jackson: “You know, we have had other really good wins. When you have 30 it is hard to recall all of those, especially when you suffer from Alzheimer’s. I shouldn’t make fun of that, that was not appropriate. But, anyway, it was good to have Luke (Walton) in there. … He changed the game for us because we had an answer when he was in there.”

Derek Fisher: “With the injuries we seemed to play with a pace and composure and understanding of what we wanted to accomplish against the (Mavericks). We played a little more chess tonight because of Kobe’s injuries (Bryant had back spasms). … Obviously, we didn’t feel like the season was on the line in any way, but we did take these guys very seriously. … We weren’t going to allow ourselves to use any type of excuse (for) why we couldn’t put ourselves in a position to win.”

Ron Artest: “Our mindset was the same, just go out there and play hard. I asked Kobe before the game, ‘Are you all right?’ He said, ‘No, I might not make it.’ So, everybody said we’ve got to step it up. In the second half, I said, ‘Are you OK?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m good now.’ But Dallas didn’t know that, so they played him 1-on-1 and he hit that big shot (a tie-breaking jumper that gave the Lakers a 97-95 lead with 28.9 seconds left).”