Inside the locker room

ORLANDO, Fla. — Here are some of the best postgame comments from the Lakers and Orlando Magic after the Magic’s victory today:

Kobe Bryant on the play of the Lakers: “We didn’t win the game, but I saw what I wanted to see. If we play with this type of effort, it will be hard for a team to beat us four times in a (playoff) series. Here, we competed and we have to take this mindset and this attitude and push it forward for the rest of the season.”

Lamar Odom on the bullseye on the Lakers’ backs: “When you actually win a championship, everybody is going to come at you like you are the champions of the world and try to beat you. This year we have made a lot of opposing teams happy, especially on their home court. They will be partying tonight in Orlando.”

Orlando’s Jameer Nelson beating the Lakers: “Our goal is to win a championship, so, no, this game doesn’t win us the trophy.”

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on the team’s play: “There are some things that as an experienced team should not happen to us. Those are things that we’ll try to remedy, but today we were just a little bit off.”

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