Sasha or Jordan

Lakers coach Phil Jackson has tinkered with his backup guard rotation since Sasha Vujacic returned from an eight-game absence because of a sprained right shoulder. Vujacic hasn’t played major minutes in the four games since he returned to the active roster, but he has cut into Jordan Farmar’s minutes. Vujacic played 12 minutes Tuesday against Sacramento, six minutes against Golden State, 13 minutes against Phoenix and three minutes against Toronto. Farmar played nine minutes, nine minutes, three minutes and 15 minutes in the same four games. Overall, Vujacic is averaging eight minutes this season and Farmar is averaging 18 minutes.

“I’m trying to get Sasha back in game shape for us, so there is a minute situation that’s going on right now,” Jackson explained. “(Farmar) has to live with it. It’s what the team is all about, getting the team ready for the playoffs and trying to win games in the process. I know there are personal feelings and sometimes they have to be sublimated.”

Is Jackson doing the right thing here?

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  • Blue Bruin

    I don’t really see that Sasha adds anything. He’s not a consistent outside shooter, so if he’s not making shots, what’s the point of him playing. Farmar actually has a slightly better shooting percentage (three pointers and two pointers) than Sasha. Also, Farmar’s steals per game are higher too. So the notion of Sasha being some kind of defensive pickup (or effective irritant) does make much sense to me.