Buss on Jackson’s future

SAN ANTONIO — Nothing new to report, but ESPN’s Los Angeles website had a lengthy sit-down interview with Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Here’s the key question and answer from Buss about Coach Phil Jackson’s future with the team beyond the end of his contract:

Q: There was a claim in a recent Internet story that, because of the failure of the Lakers to offer Phil Jackson a contract extension to this point, there is a tension among members of the Buss family. Is that true?

A: We really want to get through the year and then take a deep breath and see where we are. If I were to go to Phil right now and say, “Will you coach next year?” he’d say, “Well, let’s wait until the end of the year and see how I feel.” So, I don’t think it causes any tension. I know I have to wait until season’s end before a discussion begins.

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