Life on the road

OKLAHOMA CITY — Some days are funny. Going by my boarding passes, it’s only about 600 miles from San Antonio to Oklahoma City. Actually, it’s less if you drive directly along Interstate 35. Several beat reporters flew from San Antonio to Oklahoma City with a change of planes in Houston. No big deal. There are many cities that require a change of planes. But when we got to Houston after a mere 32 minutes in the air from San Antonio, we arrived at our gate to discover there was no flight attendant to work our flight to Oklahoma City. We scratched our heads. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

P.S. The airline found someone to work the flight and after a short delay we were on our way to Oklahoma City, arriving a little late.

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  • Blue Bruin

    I think the more common thing is that a particular flight crew is running up against the max number of hours it can work in a day and therefore must be replaced…after some delay, naturally!