Durant responds

Here are the key paragraphs from the Daily Oklahoman:

“Phil Jackson on Tuesday became the second person in the past two weeks to question the foul calls Kevin Durant has been awarded. Jackson told Los Angeles-area reporters that Durant, who leads the league with 10.3 foul shots per game, gets preferential treatment. … Durant, before wrapping up the scoring title Wednesday against Memphis, had his chance to respond. ‘I respect Phil Jackson,’ Durant started. ‘It really doesn’t matter, to be honest.’ But the longer Durant spoke, the more his true emotions surfaced. ‘Ever since KG said something, everybody’s been questioning how I get to the line,’ Durant said, referring to Boston forward Kevin Garnett, who claimed after losing to the Thunder he thought he was playing, ‘Michael (expletive) Jordan.’ ‘If you watch our games, you wouldn’t question it. The NBA should put us on national TV more, I guess.’ When asked whether Jackson’s comment fired him up more, Durant, ‘Yeah, it does.’ ‘Because it’s taking away from what I do,’ Durant said.’ … Durant said he doesn’t think Jackson’s comments will have any influence on how the officials call the series. ‘If the refs pay attention to that and change how they call things because of that, that’s terrible,’ Durant said.”

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