What about Andrew?

The Lakers sent 7-foot center Andrew Bynum for an MRI exam today, which indicated he has a small meniscus tear in his right knee. Actually, they already knew about it. They found out last June. The tear went from very small to small after he injured it in the first half of Game 6 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday. Question is, can he play Sunday in Game 1 of the Lakers’ second-round series against the Utah Jazz. If he can’t, then you can expect Pau Gasol to move from power forward to center and Lamar Odom to shift from a reserve role to power forward. The Lakers are better with a healthy Bynum than without him. Any doubts? Watch a replay of Game 5, when he had 21 points and Gasol had 25.

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  • Blue Bruin

    I’m not saying Bynum is in the category of Greg Oden, but am I the only one concerned that injuries are going to plague him throughout his career?