Viva Los Lakers?

The Phoenix Suns celebrated Cinco de Mayo and protested Arizona’s new immigration law by wearing Los Suns on their jerseys during their victory over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of their second-round series Wednesday in Phoenix. The Spurs said they would have worn their Los Spurs jerseys, but they couldn’t get them to Arizona in time for the game. Which begs the question, would the Lakers wear their Los Lakers jerseys in solidarity with the Suns? Lamar Odom shared a few thoughts today.

“It’s always a good thing to stand up for what you believe in, right? No matter what,” he said. “It’s always good to be able to express yourself. We wore the Los Lakers already this year. It’s easier for teams than for individuals, because teams have more people backing them. As an individual, people come at you.”

Asked if it was more difficult to take a stand and risk endorsement deals and the like as an individual rather than a member of a team, Odom said, “Of course. You know what type of world we live in. Even if you stand for something, you just can’t. You could, but you might lose a lot. A lot of guys wouldn’t have done what Muhammad Ali would have done (and refused to fight in Vietnam). It’s too bad. It’s a different time. If I felt strongly about something I would have said something.”