Putting a story to rest

It’s a long season and there are new people joining the circus that is the mob that covers the Lakers now that the team is deep into the playoffs, but can we please put an end to the Phil Jackson is taking a pay cut stories? Anyone who follows the team knows the beat writers have written repeatedly that Jerry Buss doesn’t want to pay Jackson $12 million to coach the team next season. You guys do know that, right? It might take something around $5 or $6 million or maybe even less to get a deal done. Of course, that’s assuming Jackson decides to come back after his current contract runs out after the season. That’s another angle that’s been covered to death, by the way.

So, to review:

First, Jackson won’t be getting $12 million per season in his next deal.

Second, he will decide whether to coach next season when this one is done.

Got it? Good. Let’s move on.

No practice today. More news, notes and quotes on Friday.

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    who are you talking to?