‘The JV Show – Episode 1 – Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals Special’

On the night of the first Lakers-Celtics game in the 2010 NBA Finals, Daily News staff writer Jon Gold and Daily News sports columnist Vinnie Bonsignore start their new all-sports, all-the-time podcast, “The JV Show.”

To listen to today’s podcast, click the play button above, download this MP3, and look soon for a blog, RSS feed and iTunes listing devoted exclusively to “The JV Show.”

In this premiere episode, Jon and Vin debate whether or not Lakers-Celtics is the greatest sports rivalry of all time. They also discuss the L.A.-Boston matchups, whether Andrew Bynam is still a factor, and how not preparing for the Celtics can sink a team’s playoff hopes.

Jon and Vin also look at the Los Angeles Dodgers and what needs to happen to turn the team around.

They also talk about the perfect game that got away for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga when umpire Jim Joyce declared a runner safe at first base and later admitted botching the call.

“The JV Show” is produced and engineered by Jon Gold and Steven Rosenberg. Theme music by Matt Evans.

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