Contract status (updated)

Here’s the 2009-10 roster with contract status for next season and beyond:

Ron Artest, forward, signed through 2013-14 (early termination option for 2013-14).
Shannon Brown, guard, exercised option to terminate his contract early.
Kobe Bryant, guard, signed through 2013-14.
Andrew Bynum, center, signed through 2012-13.
Jordan Farmar, guard, restricted free agent.
Derek Fisher, guard, unrestricted free agent.
Pau Gasol, forward/center, signed through 2013-14.
DJ Mbenga, center, unrestricted free agent.
Adam Morrison, forward, restricted free agent.
Lamar Odom, forward, signed through 2013-14 (non-guaranteed for 2013-14).
Josh Powell, forward, unrestricted free agent.
Sasha Vujacic, guard, signed through 2010-11.
Luke Walton, forward, signed through 2012-13.