Fisher close to re-signing?

Here’s what Yahoo! Sports is reporting today:

“A source close to Derek Fisher said he’s confident the free-agent guard will re-sign with the Lakers instead of going to the Miami Heat. Fisher reportedly received a $2.5 million offer for next season from the Lakers. He has been seeking a two-year contract with a starting salary closer to the $5 million he made last season. Depending on whether the Heat sign both Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem, they could be in position to offer only the veteran’s minimum to Fisher. Fisher visited with the Heat in Miami on Saturday.”

This story might have legs. Certainly, this would seem to be the week to get a deal done. I’ve been told the widely reported Lakers’ offer of one year for $2.5 million is inaccurate, as is the Fisher camp’s demand of $10 million over two seasons. Still, even if it’s a little bit more (say, closer to $3 million for 2010-11), that’s a good deal more than the veteran’s minimum of $1,352,181 that’s mentioned above.

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