Distraction? What distraction?

BOSTON — The Lakers insisted after today’s practice that the trade rumors about an Andrew Bynum-for-Carmelo Anthony deal would not be a distraction. But it already was one. After all, hardly anybody asked anything about the Lakers’ game Thursday night against the hated Boston Celtics. The usual questions about matchups and rematches and all that stuff never got asked. Bynum said he considered it nothing more than a rumor. Anthony told the Denver Post pretty much the same thing. Kobe Bryant had the best zinger, saying, “I don’t talk about unknowns. We might as well talk about UFOs, too.”

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  • Since ESPN’s Ireland brought up Bieber & Lamar’s new frag. they SHOULD have gone on w/ the UFO idea.

    If Phil would publicly/privately allow the Lakers to meander more from their triangle offense, then a trade could make sense. Since that’s highly unlikely, making ANY such trade could prove to be more troublesome than the Lakers current woes.