Farewell Sacramento

If that really was the final game to be played by the Kings in Sacramento, then what a shame. I’ve given this some thought since the final buzzer sounded on the Lakers’ overtime victory over the Kings on Wednesday and I think the fan support over the years was amazing. Too bad every game wasn’t as well attended and as exciting as Wednesday’s game. Arco Arena was like an old-time college fieldhouse, with the fans right on top of the court. It was hot and loud and fun. The Honda Center, where the Maloof family hopes to move the team, is a great place, too. Just different. The luxury suites and all the modern amenities make it the perfect destination if the team is to move. It just won’t be the same. A piece of the NBA will be gone forever.

Personally, I’ll never forget the 2002 Western Conference finals between the Lakers and the Kings. Game 7, won by the Lakers in overtime in Sacramento, was incredible, starting with the sound system blaring James Brown’s “Payback” at full volume before the tip and ending with 5 extra minutes after the Kings couldn’t put away the Lakers. It was a fitting ending to a wild series. It also made Wednesday’s overtime game seem like the perfect finale, if that’s what’s going to happen next. The Kings pushed and pushed and the crowd got louder and louder until the teams had to play 5 more minutes.

So, farewell Sacramento, thanks for the memories.

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