Bynum’s mea culpa

Andrew Bynum apologized this morning for clobbering J.J. Barea of the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 of the Lakers’ second-round playoff series Sunday afternoon. Here’s the full text:

“Number one, I want to apologize for my actions in the fourth quarter in Dallas. They don’t represent me, my upbringing, this franchise, or any of the Lakers fans out there who watch us and want us to succeed. Furthermore, and more important, I want to apologize to J.J. Barea for doing that. I’m just glad he wasn’t seriously injured. All I can say is that it’s terrible and it definitely won’t be happening again. I don’t pay much attention to what other people say about me. All I can speak to is how I feel.”

When asked why he changed his tune after his exit interview with GM Mitch Kupchak and coach Phil Jackson after sounding unapologetic after the game, Bynum said, “I saw it. I went and watched it and it was terrible. The whole sequence and the taking off of the T-shirt. Sometimes you have to man-up and own it. That’s what happened.”

Bynum went on to say he’s tried to contact Barea to apologize personally, but hasn’t reached him yet. “He’s probably got bigger things to worry about.”

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