Barea accepts Bynum’s apology

J.J. Barea told reporters in Dallas today that Andrew Bynum left a voice mail message for him apologizing for his midair takedown of the Mavericks guard in Game 4 on Sunday. Bareas also said he accepted Bynum’s apology, telling reporters: “I believe him. He regrets fouling me. He regrets what he did. I think he means well and it’s just a mistake that can happen to anybody.” Bynum was suspended five games for cracking Barea and fined an additional $25,000 for taking off his jersey on his way to the locker room after his ejection.

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  • Barea shouldn’t accept Bynum’s apology. This guy has made a living out of cheap shot plays just like this one. Bynum should have been suspended for 10+ games since this is at least his 3rd infraction for the same kind of play. Chris Canavan wrote a great piece on this at the following link.