Lakers should target these 4 free agents

Without a new collective bargaining agreement in place and the possibility of a lockout when the old one runs out June 30, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to free agency this summer. But the Lakers would be wise to pursue these three potential free agent guards: Aaron Brooks (Phoenix Suns), Jamal Crawford (Atlanta Hawks) and T.J. Ford (Indiana Pacers). And just for fun, they also should take a look at forward DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers, a strong interior defender and a good rebounder. Love his game.

Brooks, Crawford and Ford play with the sort of footspeed the Lakers are sadly lacking in their backcourt at the moment. Brooks would be my top choice because he’s a blur with the ball and not a bad outside shooter. One way or another, I’d try to hook him with the mid-level exception, assuming there is such a thing when the new CBA is in place.

Of course, the Lakers don’t have room under the salary cap in the current system to sign all of them, but one would do nicely. Brooks, Crawford or Ford would give the Lakers a dimension they lacked with a starting lineup that was so slow that it couldn’t play anything but a halfcourt offense and rarely produced fast-break baskets.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    They definitely won’t be able to afford Crawford and probably not Brooks. Ford would be most likely to take the pay cut necessary…